Staff and students at Lifesong Harmony School in June 2018.

Staff and students at Lifesong Harmony School in June 2018.

About Lifesong for Orphans (Canada)

In 2009, Dennis felt a sense of urgency to visit Africa. The opportunity presented itself when a good friend invited Dennis to join him. Believing that God would open the necessary doors, Dennis boarded a plane with the intention of only visiting Kenya. Over a few years, he ended up not only visiting Kenya, but three different African countries. One of those countries was the peaceful nation of Zambia.

The initial idea was to see if there was an opportunity to adopt a child, but God had different plans. Upon arriving in Zambia, he was taken to see a school that was run by a different organization; the school was in need of financial support and a more focused vision. Moved by the great need that he saw at the school and through a series of opened doors, he inherited the project and, over time, Lifesong for Orphans (Canada) was born. 

In 2011, a pledge was made to the community which stated that the children of Lifesong Harmony School would not be charged any type of fee to attend. Then, in 2015, Dennis and the rest of his family - his wife Jasmine and daughters Faith and Grace - moved to Zambia to oversee the sponsorship program. This program would provide the children with an opportunity for an education, two warm nutritious meals per day, and any necessary medical care.

Lifesong for Orphans (Canada)'s mission is to care for our children's physical needs while providing them with a quality education and Godly discipleship. 

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