Fifty-50 Campaign

The Fifty-50 Campaign is an initiative started by Doug Ratz, who initially helped set up the computer lab at the Lifesong school in Garneton (run by Lifesong USA, about 20 minutes away from Lifesong Harmony School). During one of his visits, he decided to check out the "other" Lifesong school in Kitwe. He was very excited to see the progress as well as the potential of the school. 

Doug turned 50 this year, and he's been raising money for the school all year long! His goal is to raise $50,000 in celebration of his birthday! All donations made on this form go to where most needed, which allows us to address any needs as they arise. An updated amount will be posted on our website so that you can track Doug's progress.

Please note: because we have migrated the original donation page to our new site, we have lost the progress bar because these donations are going through a different channel. Our current progress is below:

$2,000 raised of $50,000

Doug and kids.png