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2019 Work Team Opportunities

Consider joining us in Zambia next year for one of our work teams! Visiting the country and the school is the perfect way to experience what God is doing in these children's lives. Spending time with the children at Lifesong Harmony School will leave a lasting impression on you that you will not forget! Our teams generally visit for two weeks, and accommodations are provided at Lifesong Lodge for $60/night, which includes lodging and food. These are the tentative work teams planned for 2019:

  • Education Team, June 2019 | The education team works with students in one-on-one and small group settings. Because of the size of the classes, these intimate learning settings are hard to come by. Our education teams traditionally work on reading comprehension and writing skills, as these are the areas where our students struggle the most (since English is their second language). Our preferred education team member is someone with educational background or training, as we are working hard to get our students to the level they need to be at.
  • Construction Team, August 2019 | The goal of this work team at this point is to build the vocational school, which we hope to open next year. There are other construction projects that will come up, but the main goal is the vocational school. The work consists of bricklaying, framing, and some electrical, but there are always other odds and ends as well. 

If you are interested in joining either of these work teams, please email us at


Help us fundraise!

Fundraising is a huge part of our organization. We rely on donations to fund the school, including feeding the children, providing school supplies, paying our teachers, and operating the girls' boarding home. It's only because of our amazing donors that the school can be where it is now! 

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, or would like to help us fundraise, please email Andrew Sulja at